2022-04-17: 2022 Easter Eggs

2022-04-17: 2021 Easter Eggs Better late than never, right?

2022-02-20: Sculpture Garden

2022-02-20: Laurie Anderson at The Hirshhorn

2022-02-06: REACH Winter Lanterns, Kennedy Center DC.

2022-02-05: Kennedy Center, DC.

2021-12-04: An Ode To GoLYTELY Colonoscopic Humor, circa 2017 There is no describing po-litely, My tail of flow with GoLYTELY: Two …

2021-12-04: Crunchy Biscotti Recipe The Semifreddis Bakery Cafe on Claremont Ave, Berkeley closed, leaving me without a close, reliable …

2021-07-23: Gator Swamp tour, starring Allie, The Rescue Gator.

2021-07-23: Best BBQ so far (sorry TX, MO, KY) Ribs were total disappointment, but …sliced brisket was like …

2021-07-23: New Orleans!

2021-07-21: One night in Austin, TX.

2021-07-21: Approaching New Orleans via Lake Pontchartrain

2021-07-20: Marfa, TX. What a bizarre and beautiful outpost!

2021-07-20: Rollin’ Smoke BBQ, first exit off I-10 on TX. Definitely smokin’.

2021-07-19: Santa Fe, NM

2021-07-19: Petrified National Forest, AZ

2021-07-19: Orange De Tomaso on display at locals’ car show in Flagstaff, AZ

2021-07-17: Cliff Dwellings in Vermillion Cliffs

2021-07-17: Point Imperial

2021-07-17: Canyon rainstorm

2021-07-17: First views of the canyon after short bike ride

2021-07-17: Approaching The Grand Canyon North Rim

2021-07-15: #gowestyoungmen #nowaiteast Heading home, first stop Grand Canyon!

2021-06-21: Arrived, Mar Vista CA.

2021-06-21: Driving past the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility. Intense seeing the crucibles glowing white hot inthe …

2021-06-21: The World’s Largest Chevron on I-15, complete with James Bond submarine Lotus and “life-sized” …

2021-06-21: Posing with murals at Randy’s Records in Salt Lake City. Alas, closed while we were in town. …

2021-06-20: #gowestyoungmen someone stole the Holly Wood « Y » and brought it to Provo UT.

2021-06-20: Rocking out to KUAA in Salt Lake City. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-18: Skipping rock on Hebgen Lake, MT. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-18: Bullwinkle’s in West Yellowstone, MT, for lunch: bison steak and elk burger. Isn’t it just a tiny …

2021-06-18: Yellowstone National Park

2021-06-18: Approaching Grand Teton National Park

2021-06-16: Astonishingly good burrito and mole enchiladas in Lander, WY! #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-16: Endless sunset over the Ogallala Aquifer #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-15: Two fades to go, please. Ea La Mar’s waa the first woman-foindes and owned barber shop in KC. Now a …

2021-06-15: Always Ask For Avery’s, because it’s sodasgusting. River Market, Kansas City, MO. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-14: Gateway Arch, St Louis. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-14: Arrived, Kansas City MO. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-14: Pressure Fry’d Chicken is also a thing.

2021-06-14: Burnt Ends Toasted Ravs. Apparently they’re a thing here in St. Louis. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-14: The Loop, St Louis MO #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-14: #gowestyoungmen St Louis, MO

2021-06-14: Because Louisville. #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-12: #gowestyoungmen Mohammed Ali was just an amazing human being.

2021-06-12: #gowestyoungmen Big Four Bridge, Louisville

2021-06-12: Speed Art Museum, Louisville. Devastating, moving tribute to Breonna Taylor #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-11: #gowestyoungmen BBQ pit stop

2021-06-11: #gowestyoungmen

2021-06-11: #gowestyoungmen off to LA first stop Louisville

2019-01-15: Siblings, early mockup for split portrait photo series concept.

2019-01-15: Does this even matter?