Canyon rainstorm

First views of the canyon after short bike ride

Approaching The Grand Canyon North Rim

#gowestyoungmen #nowaiteast Heading home, first stop Grand Canyon!

Arrived, Mar Vista CA.

Driving past the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility. Intense seeing the crucibles glowing white hot inthe shimmering desert.

The World’s Largest Chevron on I-15, complete with James Bond submarine Lotus and “life-sized” wookie. #gowestyoungmen

Posing with murals at Randy’s Records in Salt Lake City. Alas, closed while we were in town. #gowestyoungmen

#gowestyoungmen someone stole the Holly Wood « Y » and brought it to Provo UT.

Rocking out to KUAA in Salt Lake City. #gowestyoungmen